IUIH Home Support (Aged Care services)

IUIH is delivering a range of household and support services for people aged 50 or over living in the Moreton Region.

These services, delivered under the Home Support program, include:

  • Transport – helping to get out and about
  • Social support – assistance with shopping, banking, getting to appointments
  • Domestic assistance – household jobs like cleaning, washing and ironing
  • Dietary care – helping with buying, preparing and storing food
  • Personal care – bathing or showering, dressing, hair care and going to the toilet
  • Home maintenance – minor maintenance, repair and care of a house or yard, for example, lawn mowing
  • Nursing care – visits from a qualified nurse to assist with procedures such as wound care
  • Medication – assistance in taking medication, and supervision and prompting in taking of medications
  • Centre-based care – group based outings and activities
  • Allied services – introduction to a range of therapies such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy and dental and optical services.

The application is simple and we provide assistance every step of the way.

If you or a family member is 50 or over and could benefit from some additional support at home, then have a chat with your Clinic Nurse or GP, or your local clinic’s Home Support representative.