Occupational therapy

Occupational therapy can help you to participate in everyday activities. Our clinics offer both paediatric (children) and adult occupational therapists (OTs).

Our paediatric OTs help children with their development including physical, cognitive, sensory and motor skills. They also work with parents and carers to educate and involve them, so their children can grow and develop as best as they can.

Our adult OTs help adults suffering illness or injury, mental health problems and also work with older clients to maintain their independence and keep them safe.

Our OTs can support you by

  • discussing your daily life and help you come up with ideas to make things safer or easier at home or in your social or work life
  • providing equipment for your bathroom, kitchen or bedroom (for example, shower chair or walking frame)
  • modifying your house to make it safer (for example, installing hand rails)
  • talking about how to stay steady on your feet and preventing falls
  • coping with pain or swelling
  • making your hands as strong and pain-free as possible.