Social health

Social health involves an individual’s ability to form suitable and satisfying interpersonal relationships with others, and also their ability to adapt to different social situations.

The Social Health team provides services for people around

  • mental health
  • social or family support
  • alcohol and other drugs.

The integrated model assists in identifying mental health problems, and alcohol and other drug issues among patients who are visiting clinics. The model focuses on implementing appropriate interventions, with early diagnosis key to recovery and long-term wellbeing.

The Social Health team deliver therapeutic solutions for individuals and families, as well as human service support and treatment for alcohol and other drug issues, and may be delivered by one-on-one counselling or in groups.

At the core of the Social Health Program is the integrated and recovery orientated models providing early intervention for clients, allowing them to feel heard and have a voice in their recovery. Our service is directed by client need with the aim to support client’s to build on their strengths and have control over their recovery. (Australian health Ministers’ Advisory Council, 2013).

Additional social supports can be provided to at risk teens and young adults by our MomenTIM and Deadly Choices Sistas facilitators.