Health checks

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples are entitled to a free annual health check – often referred to as the 715 health check.

A health check takes a little longer than a normal appointment, because it checks your physical, mental and social health and wellbeing.

During a health check, you’ll chat with a nurse, an Aboriginal Health Worker and a doctor. They’ll ask you questions about your lifestyle, test your blood and measure your heart rate.

It’s important to get your health check regularly because

  • it provides you with a picture of any health concerns or chronic disease
  • it can help you detect, prevent or reduce the impact of chronic diseases such as diabetes

Everyone who gets a health check at a Moreton ATSICHS clinic can get a Deadly Choices Jersey.

As part of a health check, you may be referred to other health professionals for further support, for example to manage chronic disease, quit smoking, or get your eyes or teeth checked. You may also be referred to one of our healthy lifestyle programs like Work It Out, Social Health, Family Wellbeing and Home Support Services.

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